Youve got a competitive product, you worked some serious magic to internationally promote it, but this doesnt convert enough into valuable prospects?

How about at least 15% conversion increase?

The reasons for significant underperformance may lie in how your offer’s unique value proposition, brand positioning and communication is presented to entice varied international audiences of different business, social and cultural conditioning. Especially now under the burden of Covid-19.

Finding the causes and solutions.

Our international team of native and internationally-based marketers can swiftly solve the problem in three stages:

  1. Precise, international market validation of your offer positioning.
    You will get definite insights, confirming weaknesses and areas of opportunity.
  2. Recommendation of necessary pivots, free of local assumptions and biases.
    You will get a brief including a list of deliverables, timeframes and costs for completion.
  3. Delivery of key-markets-optimised offer, brand and communication.
    You will be equipped with all the marketing assets you need to efficiently win more prospects.

The outcome.

  1. We will align your proposition to current global market expectations, so your promotional activity generates better-fit leads and higher conversion. Ultimately you will quickly start earning more enquiries and product trails - prospects ready to be nurtured and closed.
  2. Comprehensive insights report and the improved results can also support your efforts in winning over new investors or further funding.
  3. Our swift delivery will ensure that you make the most of the post-crisis opportunities.

Why us?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve supported dozens of international & New Zealand businesses and brands in positioning for success locally here in New Zealand and global markets. Our team have also worked with leading tech startups.


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